Northeast Community Financial - Company took my money

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I was called to told I had been approved for a $10,000 loan which I was in desperate need of.The guy on the phone was so professional.

Sent over documents that looked real. Said that this would have to be a "secured loan" because of my credit. I would need to pay up front 6 months to "secure" the loan and that I wouldn't have to make a payment until next year. Sounded great.

I went out that night and even though I wasn't entirely comfortable turned over $1347.00 to Western Union. They called and wanted me to make a copy of the transfer. Still sounded great -- until the next day when I got the call saying that they had received my money but there was a problem with my loan and that I would need to send the same amount again in order to get the loan. I told them I couldn't and that I just wanted a refund.

Oh sure he said it will be there in 2 weeks.

Well I still haven't seen this refund.When I tried calling their number is disconnected.

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I got destroyed by Northeast community financial

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This outfit is a scaam, we was desperate to get a car, my husband has Altizheimer, raising a 17 yr. old grandaughter, with ceberal, we are both on disability, we sent our entire disability check to them, was told we would get it back July 25th, needless to say, it didnt happen,what can we do to this outfit, they have ruined us, cant pay our bills now, no car, no money, Please, someone help us..The company was Northeast Community financial, they called us with a 5,000.00 loan approval, with us having to sendd 10 pmts. in advance, due to our credit rating, like fools, we did.

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Northeast Community Financial of R.I.

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They are a scam.they will ruin you.

The man I talked to went by the name of Jim S I actually got roped into this. paid 800 plus 60 to send it to Seville Spain. Which in itself was questionable. To recieve a 5000 loan from a Britta Ergonbech.

Again questionable, and on the day it was to be in before 5 pm. Richard calls up and says there is a problem with the loan and the need an additional 5 months deposit. This sack of garbage had the nerve to ask for another 800 dollars.

DON'T TRUST THEM, THEY ARE LIARS, DECIEVERS.Personally I hope every last one of them burns in ***.

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I just went thru the same thing, I was to get my money back yesterday, July 25th.Needless to say, I am out 1600.00 and we are on disability, and I sent every dime we had to them to get a loan for a car, mine blew up, my husband has Altzh.

and I have a 17 yr.

old child with cerebal palsey, seizure disorder, cant talk, and we needed a car.....STILL DO, and they have our money.can we file any charges against them PLEASE, SOMEONE HELP US


They did the same thing to me they asked for 1000 then for another 1000 and I said no then they told me they are going to refund the money in a month and now they said they are in banruptcy.. mother#&^%$* How can we report these people to the authorities?


They didbthe same thing to is today asmed for a additional 1650 for 7 reporting them they took our rent money now we are screwed...

Northeast community financial ripped me off

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I applied for a loan on and got a call about getting approved from Northeast community financial.Seth Harrington.

any ways everything sounded great it was a 6000.00 loan. they said i had to make 5 payment ahead of time because of my credir score was low. they ask you what your score is. they do not run a credit check.

anyways I wired them 1018.00 and they said i would have the money by the next day. Then the next day they call me and tell me their is a problem with the loan and the lender needs more money. I did not send them any more. I started calling pre paid legal and they said sounds like a scam.

They told me to call the attorney general in that state which was rhod island. I did the minute i yold her the company name she knew the address right away. She said honey i am so sorry but this is a scam and you will not get your money back.

So Beware of this.......Dont be *** like i was

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thank you I was going to the same thing until I read you post so thank you

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